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Rockwin’s Calibration Facilities are accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration Laboratories),
Department of Science & Technology,
and in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025.
LRZ Miniature RPD Gas meters
  LRZ Miniature RPD Gas Flowmeter are small capacity Flowmeter with proven rotary piston design and high accuracy. They are suitable for Natural Gas, LPG and other non aggressive gases. These meters have Aluminium housing and rotors with stainless steel bearings. Maximum operating pressure is 1.0 Bar (Standard) and 3.0 Bar ( Optional), with ¾" BSP (M) end connections. The counter is 5 + 3 Digits which is Non resettable. LRZ Miniature RPD Gas Meters are ideal for Gas / LPG distribution and burner consumption measurement.

Operating Principle

Two figure eight shaped rotors are geared through external synchronization gears. The clearance between the rotors and the housing is small in order to minimise leakage. For every full revolution, each rotor transports a defined volume from inlet to outlet. The rotors in turn drive a counter. The counter is geared to indicate the volume passed through the meter in the appropriate units.


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